Our first meeting selfie, and our first guests! one of us couldn't make it, but we will review with that person at our next meeting.

Part 2 on microaggressions is today! And we have a guest from out of town! :blobcatcoffee:

*Knock on wood* We might a guest at our net meeting, as well! A friend of one of the core members! :blobaww:

Our part 2 meeting on reacting to microaggressions will have a guest!

so far, we've been doing mostly physical stuff in the group. How to break away from people, and where to hit and punch, and some stick work.

Today we started practicing mental and emotional, or you could say reaction, self-defense to microaggressions.

We will also be doing that in our next group, with this as our base tool kit: wie.engineering.illinois.edu/a

The primary language of the group is US English, with some members learning other languages.

Hello community,

This is an account made for a local self defense group in Mpls, MN USA! The group was started by someone that saw a need in the community at launched Sept 29th '19!

The group is for and made by LGBTQ poc, and has a vetting system. The group was made for people to broke the paywall between self defense and class/ training prices.The group is free and we gather around food before we start.


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