If you write a test that calls an API, gets or sets data in an actual database, sends a message to an outside system of any kind: that is *not* a unit test. You may have started out to write a unit test, but your journey took you much further than you meant it to and now you are in a dark and scary forest called "The Forest of Unintended Consequences" which has a river that runs through it named "The River of Randomly Failing Tests". Good luck, adventurer.

I have nothing against integration or end-to-end testing. My problem is the expectation that I can run a test and there wont be side effects or gotchas. I can re-run the test and get the same thing, every single time, and that there is no random chance involved, time of day issues or a possibility that I'll email grandma her receipt again. Integration and e2e tests could be written to avoid those issues too, but not when they're not treated as such.

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