@swaggboi Sorry about that. I can highly recommend masto.host for a hosted instance or DigitalOcean has a Marketplace one-click install if you're more technical and want to roll your own / maintain it.

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@Monk How do you mean? Have you checked under preferences -> other?

@mercurythedragon I hope stuff works out for you. Take care and be safe.

@mercurythedragon That's bullshit and I'm sorry it's happening to you.

@Odd_Bloke You don't get to tell me I'm being dramatic. Fuck you, wrestling fan.

@Odd_Bloke They went on to assert that I NEED to list my pronouns on my profile. Is that okay? Is it okay that I am told I NEED to out myself, my beliefs to the wide world? No. No one should be forced to do something that makes them uncomfortable, regardless of the greater good of "normalizing" something for the outside world. Fuck that. So they are not blameless for turning the situation hostile. This entire thing is antagonistic and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop.

@Odd_Bloke Everyone deals with problems in their own way. I deal with humor. My own mental health is on the line every day. I am not nor have I ever been indifferent to the suffering of others, if you think that then you clearly don't know me. I attempted to bring light to the hypocrisy of the name of an instance being humorous and someone from that instance asserting that I can't use humor to guard my own mental health. You're clearly going to take this however you want, so go on with your day.

@Odd_Bloke It wasn't a great post, but it wasn't a bad post either. And to be on the level with you, even though I owe no one anything, I wasn't attacking an instance. I was attacking the notion that humor isn't a part of how we should respond to every challenge as clearly the name "myasstodon" is responding to challenges with humor. Nothing I have said is "yikes" worthy, but feel the way you want to feel, I can't change that for you.

@tomasteck God, some people. I just don't understand how they can like black jellybeans.

@notcmhobbs One was a wife, the other two were only there so he could feed on their blood.

@magicalmilly @vestal "The Shovel": duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=the+s

The first word of the text describing it for the visually impaired is literally "satire".

There are literally two indications that this is satire. Thanks for playing.

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feel free to block @russsaidwords who seems to not want to put a cw on their confusing and misleading posts of news articles and also does not want to put pronouns in their foss bio!

@vestal Furthermore, if we're not allowed to joke, then I think you shouldn't be tooting from "myasstodon.xyz". Gotta keep the timeline clean, right? Trying times.

@vestal No, this is a joking matter, and humor is exactly what you need in a trying time. It's labeled as satire. We'll get through this together or we'll fall apart, but I don't control that. Feel free to block me.

@micrackbiron No, I wish I did, but I have limited linguistic ability and what time I have to learn things is generally dedicated to being a better developer. If I had as much money as Zucky, I'd spend my days working out, eating clean, learning Klingon and Tolkien elvish.

@micrackbiron Mark Zuckerberg is alive in the same way that most other protozoan parasites are alive. He just has billions of dollars.

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