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There is a highly specialized field of Discrete Mathematics called "Accounting". It's where IT budgets come from, so this knowledge should be taught in universities. Welcome to Mastodon! 🍍

Is there any way, short of silencing an entire instance via an admin or moderation control panel interface, to mute an entire instance on an account level?

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At it's core, Avengers: Infinity War is about the fight against premature optimization.

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If I find out any of you have been looking at web sites I'm going to be so angry

Some days, it's just more healthy to focus on what you've succeeded at in the past, rather than your CI setup failing for various reasons.

I'm 0, baby. I'm better than #1, because my whole god damn life is zero indexed...

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Hate the phrase 'those who can't do - teach.'

I think it's more important to have teachers than people who "do." Get the fuck outta here with disrespecting educators.

Good morning, fediverse! Let's see how Monday goes, shall we?

If you scoff or huff at my funny commit messages, I'm unlikely to view your funny commit messages with humor. Either we're all doing funny commit messages or no one is doing funny commit messages. There's no other way.

Putting the "fun" in "functional testing."

is upon us! If you're looking to start programming this is a great way - jump right in and help out!

"I'm not an antivaxxer, I just don't believe in the flu shot."

:hacker_o: :hacker_k:

Good morning, fediverse! Start strong, end strong. Take a nap in the middle. That's called a siesta.

Minefield development: when you have a template to follow and the previous dev working on the project did not follow the template.

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