Got my internal 4G/LTE card working on this RHEL 8 laptop w/ a prepaid SIM card. If I can just SMS from this thing and maybe my work email on it then I'd just toss my smartphone and carry this thing (maybe with a different distro 🤓 )

On the look out for a new instance again... I seem to be adept at picking instances that are shutting down soon 🤦‍♂️

I'm adding some mp3s to my little $30 Chinese brand mp3 player and saw a file on there called USERPL1.PL and was like 'Oh sick I can run Perl scripts on this puppy??' but turns out it's just some binary file... PL is probably 'playlist'

It's weird that white noise generators are a thing you can buy for $20 to $40


"There's no response body because it's a GET request"

I am going to insert my head into a microwave oven now and press the popcorn button

I am now saving my resume in format. If you want to hire me you must upgrade from WordPerfect or whatever

Splendid split screen SlackBuilds screen shot Saturday!

Carefully taking my time to screw these drives into caddies with microscopic screws so I can swap out my drives "quickly" and "easily"

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Artist formerly known as @swaggboi ; had to move instances because my old home is shutting down 📉


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