I am now saving my resume in format. If you want to hire me you must upgrade from WordPerfect or whatever

@swaggboi Funny thing is I'm pretty sure Office 365, and definitely Microsoft Office, will open that these days. Google Docs definitely does.

@BalooUriza LOL I did notice that Office 365 opens it now which is what actually gave me the fortitude to abandon nasty docx! In my perfect world it'd all be plain text but I guess we need these proprietary formats to keep the spammers sending out malware-laden PDFs and MS Office docs in business. Damn kids get off my lawn and all that

@swaggboi I once shitposted a resume in TeX format to a recruiter that reached out to me unsolicited and didn't really give me enough information to work with.

I was...pleasantly shocked that they actually knew what to do with that and called me for an interview.

Needless to say I was like, "Umm, sure, OK." I worked there five years.

@BalooUriza Wow I'm doing it all wrong then... Gonna re-write it in markdown and wait for my dream job. Play hard to get!

@swaggboi I pitted Google against my current employer when I was looking for a job last. Google got outbid. I made the right call, where I work now has been great. I start my 4th year Christmas weekend.

@BalooUriza That's awesome that worked out for you. The situation I'm in is I have a job I love but they don't pay so well... I have a buddy whose employer really wants me to jump ship and are willing to pay me much more. I'm still kind of apprehensive because although I know I could be making more I really like where I'm at now but I just kind of non-committed to meeting with them to discus it

@swaggboi At least you have some insight as to what the job security's like there through your friend.

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