@claudiom this is why I love Slackware man... no dependency management! There's a `--nodeps` option for `rpm` but idk if that'll leave `dnf` in a broken state (kinda like how it is now apparently)

@claudiom dumb question... did you try just downloading the RPMs and installing them manually with `rpm`?

@claudiom I had issues with `yum` in RHEL 8 (basically `dnf` from Fedora 28), it would spit out errors about a dependency... I had the dependency (I believe it was containerd for docker-ce) installed but it was an older version than was required. The newer version was available tho in the repo but dnf just wouldn't install it first so I manually did `yum install <pkg name & version>` to get it to install the new version then I was able to install docker-ce finally

Got my internal 4G/LTE card working on this RHEL 8 laptop w/ a prepaid SIM card. If I can just SMS from this thing and maybe my work email on it then I'd just toss my smartphone and carry this thing (maybe with a different distro 🤓 )

@russsaidwords Thanks! Might look into the DigitalOcean one-click install... By day I work largely with customers who use cloud platforms like AWS or Azure but never actually used it myself (been using a home server for everything)

@fireglow Honestly I don't know if I'd have time, I still have to reinstall OpenBSD on my firewall (going to switch to SSDs and check out FFS2) and upgrade my home server along with other things I've been neglecting

On the look out for a new instance again... I seem to be adept at picking instances that are shutting down soon 🤦‍♂️

I'm adding some mp3s to my little $30 Chinese brand mp3 player and saw a file on there called USERPL1.PL and was like 'Oh sick I can run Perl scripts on this puppy??' but turns out it's just some binary file... PL is probably 'playlist'

@claudiom @m1k3 @ParadeGrotesque You have to take a shot everytime Disney sends you a cease and desist letter for torrenting

@JoYo I would normally say if it's a solitary activity outdoors and you mask up then it's reasonable risk but this wasn't Reston, VA... Guidance for NYC seems pretty clear that it's "stay home" based on a web search I just did. Rules is rules

@JoYo I thought the birdwatcher showed an impressive amount of patience and restraint, I read this quote from him and re-watched the video and he really just stands by silently for a lot of it: “I didn’t want to kowtow to that, I didn’t want to give it any power,” he added. “I am pretty adamant about not being a participant in my own dehumanization.” I found it stoic, I don't think I could keep my cool like (while also standing one's ground)


@russsaidwords i get emails from Comcast Xfinity (already a Comcast Business customer) but everytime i try the unsubscribe link i get an error page returned. I suspect this is broken on purpose just to drive me to madness

@specter @JoYo I had a pair of noise-cancelling headphones I liked until they broke... I used to take the train to/from work when I lived in Maryland and it almost totally killed the sound of the train itself

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